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About Me August 26, 2010

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john and i got married at the end of june.  this is one of my favorite photos from the wedding—-us and our sticky, overtired little toddler keeping us grounded in spite of our fancy duds.

My name is Sara Savel. I’m a wife, a mother, a lifelong learner, a woman with major depression disorder, and an introvert who wants to make connections with others. I love doing creative things like writing poetry, making collages, and hand sewing. I am afraid of my sewing machine. I love thrift stores and am blessed to live in a community with so many of them. Reading is a particular joy of mine and book buying a compulsive addiction.

My family consists of myself, my husband, John, and our one year old son, Gabriel. John works for a credit union, and I stay at home with Gabriel. What this means is that we are a family of three living on 25K gross in an affluent college town. One thing I would like to blog about is how to do this—what does voluntary simplicity look like in a home with a child? Living on less than the average area homeowner is a choice to live simply that we’ve made for our son’s sake. He may not have designer clothes or a fancy nursery, but he has a parent with him all the time.

I also just want a space to write down my thoughts on the day to day living of my life, the raising of our child, the journey we are on as a family, as husband and wife. My goal is to write something three times a week. At least one post creativity related.

One thing I can promise is to be real. I am not going to show pictures of my perfect looking house, perfect looking children, and a perfect looking mom. I won’t pretend life is ethereally beautiful or to be grateful when I am not. I won’t pretend everything is running smoothly around here if it is not. This is my life and it is kind of uneven at times.


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