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before bed August 27, 2010

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before bed

mommy was on the verge of a meltdown by the time daddy got home to relieve her. went for drive and listened to some ani and some brandi carlisle.  came home refreshed and did a little genealogy while john cleaned up the house a bit. then we watched battlestar galactica.  neither of us saw it the first time it aired so it is all new to us…we are on the final season and i seriously am going to miss it when it is over.

aside from my toddler induced stress out, i think the new meds are working great.  my mood is way more even and i am feeling more focused and like myself.  doing some creative things again…trying out waldorf style doll making.  cooking more too.  made a summer squash and turkey skillet with basil and garlic for dinner tonight.

tomorrow: library, park, and farmer’s market. at least one of those.

now: bed.


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