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deconstructing the alphabet: if derrida was crafty August 27, 2010

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deconstructing the alphabet: if derrida was crafty

I found a pottery barn crib bumper for four dollars at the thrift store.  It had the most adorable gingham alphabet and animals theme: A-Alligator, B-Bunny, etc. It totally matches Gabriel’s bedroom decor where gingham is a unifying theme. (I am not sure what else to call it when various pieces are made of the same type of fabric).

The bad news was that there were some serious stains on the thing that would not come out…some child must have had a field day with the permanent marker…None of the marks were on the animals, which was good.  I knew I could do something with the material and the pictures, especially.

So, I decided to deconstruct, and re-purpose the alphabet bumper.

I cut out some of the pictures and framed them. 

I cut out letters to spell “Gabe,” and am in the process of stitching them to burlap rectangles to make a little name garland.

Some of the other animals will go live on the nine patch quilt I am making for his bed, and maybe a  pillow.  The green gingham backing fabric will be utilized as well some how… 

Derrida said we are all translators and I suppose that this can be made manifest in handiwork and craft, as well as literature and philosophy. 🙂

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