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August 27, 2010

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today:  gabriel got his first haircut!   it makes him look so much like my dad (who died in 2006). but it also brings out the part of him that takes after my husband’s side of the family.  it also makes him look like such a little boy.  i love it! his hair was getting kinda long and i was kinda getting sick of explaining that my son was actually a very pretty little boy.

 Before the haircut

Before the haircut

After haircut, with bagel

After haircut, with bagel

i spent some time organizing and simplifying his bedroom/play area.  we live in a very small apartment compared to our last one where we had a whole corner of the living room dedicated to his amusement.  (now, he has the uverse box to amuse him, much to my annoyance, in the new living room.)  all his toys are now in his room, which is a little bigger than before, but not that much.

everything i’ve been reading on montessori and waldorf in the home talks about the need for prepared environment with out a lot of clutter.  we can’t really afford to buy some of the more beautiful examples of child sized furniture or decorate our nursery as beautifully as some people do on apartment therapy.  however, with some ingenuity, some thrift stores, and the help of ikea my kid now has a lovely inviting room to play in.

Gabriel had way too many toys at once.  He was so busy weeding through them that he never really could play with them because the abundance was so distracting.

I boxed up a bunch of the more babyish toys as well as some of the myriad of small toys that magically start to appear once your kid turns one.  I also put up the duplicate toys, as well as some puzzles which can be rotated out on a regular basis.

What was left:  a box of duplo legos, a basket of blocks, a toy clock, a puzzle, a wooden shape sorter, and a box of smaller toys including some play silks, some wooden figures, and smaller wooden cubes.   These I put on and under the play tables.

toy area

He doesn’t have a child sized book case but that doesn’t seem to be much of a hinderance to him at his height.  I thought about rotating books but it didn’t seem fair when he looks at about 20 a day and goes through serious book phases. “Sam Loves Kisses” is a recurrent favorite; ” Whose Toes are Those?”  “Things That Go,” and Charlie Harper’s ABCs book were a weekend favorite. Who knows what the morning will bring.  So I just put some of the current rotation toys on the shelves along with his books.

Much of the art work in our nursery was purchased at children’s consignment shops or was put together by me. I do collages and collect vintage children’s illustrations.  I had some lovely bright colored ones from the 50’s that I framed in Ikea frames that cost less than $3 a piece.  I also used some Ikea bird christmas ornaments as decoration.

vintage illustration

little bird

Gabriel's room


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